arctic air

arctic air
masy powietrza arktycznego

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  • arctic air — arktinis oras statusas T sritis ekologija ir aplinkotyra apibrėžtis Šalta, sausa oro masė, susidaranti virš Arkties. Judėdamas į pietus įšyla ir žiemą sukelia stiprų šaltį, pavasarį – šalnas, vasarą – atvėsimą ir negausias liūtis. Eurazijoje… …   Ekologijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • arctic air — air of the arctic region, frigid air …   English contemporary dictionary

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  • arctic air —   an air mass originating over the Arctic Circle …   Geography glossary

  • arctic — arctically, adv. /ahrk tik/ or, esp. for 7, /ahr tik/, adj. 1. (often cap.) of, pertaining to, or located at or near the North Pole: the arctic region. 2. coming from the North Pole or the arctic region: an arctic wind. 3. characteristic of the… …   Universalium

  • Arctic Regions — ▪ 2009 The Arctic regions may be defined in physical terms (astronomical [north of the Arctic Circle, latitude 66° 30′ N], climatic [above the 10 °C (50 °F) July isotherm], or vegetational [above the northern limit of the tree line]) or in human… …   Universalium

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  • arctic — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English artik, from Latin arcticus, from Greek arktikos, from arktos bear, Ursa Major, north; akin to Latin ursus bear, Sanskrit ṛkṣa Date: 14th century 1. often capitalized of, or relating to, or suitable for use… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • arctic front — noun Meteorology. The semipermanent, semicontinuous front between the deep, cold arctic air and the shallower, basically less cold polar air of northern latitudes; generally comparable to the antarctic front of the southern hemisphere …   Wiktionary

  • Arctic haze — is the phenomenon of a visible reddish brown haze in the atmosphere at high latitudes in the Arctic due to air pollution. A major distinguishing factor of Arctic haze is the ability of its chemical ingredients to persist in the atmosphere for an… …   Wikipedia

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